Ráj 07,
277 35 Mšeno u Mělníka
Czech Republic
tel.: +420/ 605 833 003
e-mail: info@pensionvraji.cz
/Boarding house/Accommodation/Restaurant/Surroundings
“V Ráji” (“In the Paradise”) Boarding House is located in the picturesque village of Ráj (Paradise), in the very heart of the Kokořín Valley that is especially suitable for hiking, cycling, fishing and horse riding.

The boarding house created by the means of comprehensive refurbishment of a farmhouse constructed in 1840 offers accommodation for 20 persons. The rooms are equipped with a bathroom and a toilet as well as with a refrigerator. A sauna with a bar and a lockable bicycle shed are also available. Furthermore, there is a parking lot for passenger vehicles, a volleyball/football playground and a fireplace with a grill outside the boarding house. The boarding house is generally open from March to December; in the remaining months it may be opened on request.

As regards the restaurant, which is located in separate building 60 m away from the pension, lunch and dinner are served to guests accommodated in the boarding house as well as to other persons. The restaurant features the capacity of 50 persons (indoor premises) and additional 60 persons (open-air terrace). A billiards table, table soccer and a darts machine are available to the guests. Menu Þ

The enchanting landscape of Kokořínsko (in the northern part of the Mělník District) proves to be a highly popular area – principally thanks to its natural beauties and interesting places. The Kokořínsko Natural Preserve located in its very centre is typical for its sandstone rocks with towers, cities and other structures made of stone as well as numerous caves, pine forests, romantic valleys, rolling country and the predominant Vrátenská Observation Tower (507.5 metres above the sea level) in the north of the area. The Liběchovka and Pšovka Creeks run through the main valleys and create numerous pools on their way through the Kokořín Valley. This exceptional landscape also comprises traditional folk architecture – one-storey timbered houses from 18th – 19th centuries as well as architectural reserves in several villages. The Slavic fortification located on the Hradsko Buttress proves to be another significant archaeological location. Furthermore, visitors to this region are also attracted by the romantic Kokořín Castle from late 14th century and the Houska Castle open to the general public since year 2000.